4 Trends in Industrial HVAC Systems Management
The 3 Primary Mistakes in Air Management You are Probably Making

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As an industrial/commercial business, you are acutely aware of how lost product or poor employee production have an immediate effect on your company’s bottom line. However, an area that’s often overlooked when stressing company efficiency is the management of air and energy. Poor air and energy management leads to higher utility bills, and a decline in employee productivity as a result of uneven temperatures and insufficient air quality. Clear the air; these 3 keys to effective air and energy management help businesses avoid these common and costly mistakes.

Make-up Air

Negative building pressure can cause a number of adverse effects in a building, and it must be avoided with the input of makeup air. Makeup air units work to condition and filter outside air and duct it to the room. Therefore, management needs to calculate all the devices pulling air from the room and implement the correct size make up air equipment.

Managing Air Pressure

The way that many large industrial/commercial buildings handle air pressurization is with central station air-handlers. These systems sometimes include return fans, which draw air out of occupied spaces like a dining room into a kitchen to be used for circulation and exhaust. The fans are mostly automated by variable frequency drives that are sent a signal based on the difference between interior space static pressure and the static pressure of outside air. Pressure inside the building needs to stay positive, or else untreated outside air leaks inside, which is known as infiltration

Managing Air Circulation

The circulation of air through a building is important for controlling moisture damage, managing energy losses, and ensuring the comfort of occupants. Industrial/commercial HVAC systems can both extract and add air to buildings, which is an important feature to have for forced air circulation.

For additional keys to effective air and energy management and a more in-depth breakdown of make-up air, and managing air pressure download our free checklist below. A healthier workplace is there for the taking!

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