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As a commercial HVAC contractor, you know that keeping warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, airplane hangers, and any other large space comfortable can be challenging. Air Turnover may be a solution.

Air turnover systems use high-volume, low-velocity air circulation to distribute conditioned air throughout a large open space. The air being distributed may be heated, cooled, humidified, dehumidified or supplemented with outside, fresh air – whatever the application requires. Air turnover eliminates air stratification in large open-space buildings by recirculating the hot air that would otherwise become trapped at the higher levels.

Here are several ways air turnover systems can save money and improve spacious indoor environments:

  1. Air turnover systems provide uniform heating and cooling across wide, open spaces. Using traditional rooftop units, there can be hot or cold spots in a large facility because the air isn’t well distributed. Air turnover can even temperature distribution across the space, usually varying by only one or two degrees from the set point. Consistent temperature throughout means consistent comfort for those who work or play in the space.
  2. Air turnover systems eliminate vertical temperature variation. A constant turnover of air results in a temperature from floor to ceiling that varies less than 1-2 degrees for every 10 feet of building height. In a warehouse, this can prevent the condensation, spoilage or inconsistency of product that can occur when temperature varies significantly from the bottom shelf to the top shelf.
  3. Air turnover systems improve the overall work environment. While providing consistent temperatures, air turnover systems work quietly and do not produce annoying drafts.
  4. Installing air turnover systems can cost less than installing rooftop units. Because there is no need for ductwork or multiple components with an air turnover system, installation costs can be significantly lower.
  5. Utilizing heat normally trapped at the ceiling saves energy. Air turnover systems run on lower horsepower and only one air turnover system is needed where multiple rooftop units would be required. All of these factors add up to lower utility bills.
  6. Maintenance is simple. With air turnover systems there’s no need to climb on the roof and brave the elements to perform routine maintenance. All service can be done at ground level. This helps ensure maintenance is less costly and completed regularly, which can extend the life of the system.

Heating and cooling a vast commercial, industrial or recreational space can be a tall order, but an air turnover system could be the right solution, increasing comfort and saving money for years to come.

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