Industrial Cooling – Direct Evaporative Coolers – 40,000 CFM
Wastewater Treatment Plant – Indirect Fired w/Energy Recovery – 8,735 CFM


  • Coil Housing for 3rd Party Air Handler


  • Chilled Water Coils

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Model #:

  • Housing Model Ref# CW1757


  • CFM: 40,000
    Cooling: 58.9 Tons

Unique Features:

  • Adding Cooling Capacity to Existing Systems
  • Outdoor Insulated Construction
  • Intermediate and Floor Condensate Drain Pans
  • Low Pressure Drop to Allow Utilization by Existing Fans


  • Interior Lined Unit
  • Fully Insulated Housing
  • Coils Selected to Mitigate the Need for Additional Equipment
  • Designed for 149 GPM of Chilled Water Flow