Cooling – Coil Housing: Chilled Water Coil – 40,000 CFM


  • Wastewater Treatment Plant


  • Indirect Fired Air Make-Up Unit w/ Exhaust Air Energy Recovery

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Model #:

  • TAH - 122 PN ID0700 FP OA HRD


  • CFM: Supply 8,735 / Exhaust 9,335
  • 58° F Temp. Rise

Unique Features:

  • Flat Plate Energy Recovery Module
  • Heresite Coated Accessories & Liner
  • DDC Discharge Controls w/ Frost Protection, Explosion Proof Sensors


  • TEFC Motors with VFDs
  • Blower Motor Isolation

Application / Equipment Overview:

Wastewater treatment facilities pose several unique challenges for HVAC equipment due to the possibilities for an explosion due to the gases that are present during the treatment process, as well as the damage that can be caused due to the corrosive environment. Heresite coating is recommended as a heavy-duty, low maintenance coating for exposure to splash, spillage, and fumes.

Heresite coatings form a hard corrosion-resistant film, making it an optimal choice for corrosive environments, and will result in years of reliable service for this equipment. Additional cost savings of the flat plat energy cell will save up to $5,000/year, eventually recouping the investment for this custom-designed HVAC unit.

Technical Specifications:

  • TEFC Motors with VFDs
  • Face & Bypass Dampers for Energy Recovery Module
  • Carel DDC Controls (see below)
  • Cleanable Flat Plate Energy Recovery Module
  • 2 Stage Indirect Heat Exchanger
  • Fully Insulated Housing & Lined Unit Interior
  • Explosion Proof Sensors
  • Recovery Module with 70% Temperature Efficiency
  • Mod. Indirect Heat Exchanger
  • Neoprene Blower/Motor Isolation
  • Potential savings of $5,000/Winter From Recovery Module
    • Estherville, IA Location - 24 HR/Day Runtime

Controls Specifications:

  • Discharge Control with Room Override
  • Audible Alarm Activated by DDC Fault
  • Manual Speed Control for Supply VFD via Keypad
  • Manual Speed Control for Exhaust VFD via Keypad
  • 7-Day Occupancy Schedule
  • Low Temp Safety Function via Program Control
  • Controller Displays & Logs Faults for Easier Troubleshooting

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