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Inside Sales Team

Titan Air has a dedicated team of employees to assist you with your HVAC project from the initial planning and quoting stage through service and support after final installation.

Our sales staff specializes in either general HVAC, or paint booth applications. For general sales inquiries please contact us at sales@titan-air.com.


Terry Halderson

Industrial & Commercial
HVAC Equipment Specialist

Terry specializes in equipment for both industrial and commercial applications.


Brandon Degrasse

Paint booth
HVAC Equipment Specialist

Brandon specializes in equipment for paint booth applications.

Technical Support

Titan Air has extensive resources available online to assist you in troubleshooting your Titan equipment:

  • Owner's Manuals
  • Interactive Troubleshooting Guides
  • Technical Documentation
  • Titan Air On -Site Service/Startup Request

Additional unit specific assistance is available from our Technical Service & Support Team.

Please have the following information available prior to contacting our service department:
  • Burner Profile Pressure Drop
  • Inlet Gas Pressure
  • Unit Serial Number

For service inquiries please fill out the form seen below for faster service. You may also email us at service@titan-air.com or call us at 715.597.2050.

Parts & Warranty Requests

Titan Air has extensive resources available online to assist you in troubleshooting your Titan equipment:

Replacement part requests and warranty claims may be made by filling out the form shown below, or by contacting us at parts@titan-air.com.

Standard warranty information can be found here.

The Titan Air Serial # is required for all requests, and is typically found on the inside of the control panel door as seen below:

Find a Reseller

Titan Air sells HVAC products through a network of respected resellers. When a quote request is received by Titan, we will quote the project through our reseller in the geographic area of the project.

Click here to view our reseller list by geographic region.

About Titan Air

Learn more about Titan Air's company history and view our career opportunities.

Company Information

Corporate & Operations

Management and human resources contacts are available for any non-sales related questions or concerns.


Brandon Phelps, P.E.



Kristen Zadnichek

Human Resources Manager