Features At a Glance:

  • Transfers Latent and Sensible Energy
  • Independent Plate Spacing for Each Airflow Path
  • Certified Performance by Independent Test Lab
  • Multiple Fan Type Options
  • Multiple Heating and Cooling Source Combinations
  • Multiple Accessory and Control Options
  • Custom Configurations and Dimensions

  • Enthalpy Wheel Energy Recovery

    In today's economy, and with increased demand for green energy efficient products, customers are looking for ways to save money and reduce energy usage. Commercial and Industrial facilities are looking for better solutions and designs to fit this demand

    Titan Air has taken the high thermal efficiency of direct fired equipment to the next level by incorporating an enthalpy wheel to precondition outdoor air transferring both latent and sensible energy. The enthalpy wheel makes use of the hot exhaust air to reduce the amount of btu's needed to heat or cool the required supply air. The enthalpy wheel can also be used with other heating and cooling methods such as indirect fired, electric, hydronic, or DX cooling.

    How an Energy Recovery Unit Works

    The enthalpy wheel utilizes the heat in an exhaust ventilation process to pre heat make-up air to reduce the required heat load of the system. The wheels are constructed of corrugated synthetic fiber based media impregnated with a non-migrating water selective molecular sieve desiccant. The wheel is placed into a make-up air or air handling unit to capture the heat from the exhaust air and transfer it to the supply air.

    There are multiple configurations that can be used for new applications or to retrofit an existing system.