Process Heating Application Equipment

Titan Air's line of Process Heating units are designed for commercial and industrial applications with custom designs, options, and controls available to meet your requirements. If you have an applications where off the shelf just will not cut it, give us a call and we can custom design equipment to fit your requirements.

Custom Flexibility

Titan Air's process heating units are engineered to safely meet the high temperature demands of process heating. Our equipment will be designed to meet your criteria and features several options relating to process heating.

  • Double wall construction units are available with "Limited-through-metal" construction.
  • 2" & 4" construction are available depending on inlet/discharge air temperature.
  • Mineral Wool Insulation.

Quality Products & Engineering

Our focus is designing energy efficient, long lasting, and high performance equipment. The high quality components, construction materials, and serviceable designs we use ensure our customers that they are getting engineered value in their products.