Custom Equipment Highlights:

  • Matching your specified footprint sizes
  • Available as "split" components if needed
  • Galvanized G-90, Stainless Steel, & Painted Finishes
  • Application Designed Custom Equipment
  • Multiple Fan Type Options
  • Multiple Accessory and Control Options

  • Custom Manufacturing Solutions

    In addition to our other product lines, Titan Air also offers various standalone units, as well as equipment designed to be used in conjunction with another air handler. Custom solutions include non-tempered equipment, coil housings, filter accessories (flat & v-bank), and many other options.

    For information on equipment featuring multiple heating/cooling types, please see our makeup air pages for more information.

    Examples of custom equipment units can be seen in our Portfolio.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss the requirement of your project in further detail please contact us at