Industrial Heating (Makeup Air) – Direct Fired (VRDV) Vertical Config. – 14,000 CFM


  • Industrial Makeup Air
  • Air Recirculation


  • Chilled Water, Steam, & Evaporative Cooling

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Model #:

  • TAH-225-244 BA CW ST EV AR HRH


  • Supply CFM: 106,000 CFM
  • 84° F Temp. Rise
  • 525 Tons of Cooling

 Unique Features:

  • CW Manifold Piping Welded & Installed By Titan
  • Two Speed Blower Operation via VFD
  • Piezo Ring Monitoring on Supply Fan Blowers

Application / Equipment Overview:

This extremely large unit was accomplished through a design that was shipped in 5 separate sections.
Steam and chilled water coils are utilized to achieve temperature and humidity controls as the chilled water coil allows for air dehumidification. The unit also employs integrated direct evaporative cooling.
As seen in the technical specifications, this unit also features several unique customer specifications. Additionally, piezo ring monitoring was employed to modulate the supply fans in maintaining design airflow as filters become loaded.
In air recirculation mode, outside air opening/monitoring is utilized to prove minimum design outside air parameters.

Technical Specifications:

  • Air Measuring Station for 5,000 CFM OA Mode w/Hood
  • 2” Pleated MERV 8 Initial Filters
  • Type 8 Rack—MERV 13 Final Filters
  • Chilled Water Manifold Welded Piping
  • Twin 44” AFDW Blower with Sure Air & Transmitter
  • Drain Pan in Filter Access Section
  • 2” G-90 Galv. Construction, Lined & Insulated
  • 3-Way Chilled Water Valves
  • Modulating Pre/Reheat Steam Valves
  • Freeze Stat
  • Filter Pressure Transmitters
  • Averaging Sensors
  • (6) Interior Lights, Averaging Sensors
  • Supply VFD
  • Actuator Feedback for All Valves
  • End Switches for OA & RA Low Leak Dampers