Features At a Glance:

  • ETL Listed to Z83.4 / CSA 3.7 | Non-Recirculating
  • ETL Listed to Z83.18 | Recirculating
  • 1,200 - 120,000 CFM | Single Speed
  • 4,000 - 120,000 CFM | Variable Air Volume
  • Multiple Fan Type Options
  • Multiple Accessory and Control Options
  • Custom Configurations and Dimensions

  • Direct Fired HVAC Units

    Titan Air's Direct-Fired product line has been manufactured since 1983 and has maintained leadership in the industry through research and development of new products and further improvement to basic products. In additional to the 100% outside air function, recirculation, variable air volume, and high outlet temperature options are available. Cooling and energy recovery can also be added to fit your application requirements.

    Maximum 120°F temp rise for NG and LP.

    TA Series Description (Click Below to Expand)

    TA Series Description
      • EXAMPLE: HRH
      • Horizontal intake, Righthand controls, Horizontal discharge.
    • AR - Unit will operate between 20% & 100% fresh air, and up to 80% return air on AR/80’s. Other percentages available
    • DA - DEMAND-AIR, (Unit featuring a frequency drive)
    • H.O.T. - High Outlet Temp. (paint / bake system)
    • AH - Air Handler
    • H = Horizontal intake and / or discharge
    • V = Vertical intake and / or discharge
    • D = Down discharge
    • R = Right hand controls (facing controls, intake is left, discharge is right)
    • L = Left hand controls (facing controls, intake is right, discharge is left)
    *Click here to download this information as a PDF*

    Demand Air | Variable Air Volume

    Titan Air's Demand Air unit is a variable air volume unit. Supply air volume is adjusted by a VFD (variable frequency drive) which allows each unit to respond to changing exhaust loads. Many applications control building pressure as exhaust varies. Electrical power consumption drops on a cubed ratio to blower speed and gas consumption also drops, reducing operational costs.

    Maximum 100°F temp rise for NG.

    AR Systems | Recirculation

    Titan Air's AR system is designed to substantially reduce infiltration of cold air (which accounts for up to 40% of a building's heat loss) and reduce energy requirements considerably. The pressurized heating system creates a slight and even overall pressure that effectively controls infiltration of cold air. The AR system is capable of supplying 100% fresh outside air, or a mixture of fresh and return air. When not in maximum ventilation mode, the system will recirculate building air to reduce energy requirements. Return air does not pass across the direct-fired burner. AR system advantages include high heat efficiency, lower energy use, and greater overall comfort. The AR system, when sized properly with building relief, helps clean out airborne contaminants and increases indoor air quality.

    Maximum 110°F temp rise on NG and 90°F on LP.

    HOT Units | High Outlet Temperature

    Titan Air's ETL listed high outlet temperature 2-speed make-up air system provides heating temperatures in two distinct ranges for superior painting and curing. Cooling and humidity control can also be added for temperature and humidity controlled applications.

    Maximum 120°F temp rise in spray mode. Unlisted maximum 160°F in bake mode.

    TAM Units

    Titan Air's TAM units are the solutions for competitively priced and/or short lead time projects. TAM units offer many of the same features of our TA line with the advantage of a compact size, light weight construction, and versatile mounting options.

    Maximum 120°F temp rise on NG and LP.


    Below are standard arrangements. Additional custom arrangements are available upon request.