Roof Curbs & Equipment Stands

Flat roof curbs are typically shipped unassembled and uninsulated. Standard flat curbs are 18 inches high and are available for all standard unit models. Taller flat curbs, (24” high), are available for TA-109 through TA-230 unit models.

Pitched curbs that are 18 inches high are available for TA-109 through TA-230 model sizes. Taller pitched curbs are not available.

A Roof Curb Specification Sheet may be downloaded here.

A *Pitched* Roof Curb SELECTION Sheet may be downloaded here.

Equipment stands are sized to match the specific piece of equipment, and can be customized as required by the customer

Roof Curb & Equipment Stand Photo Gallery

The below gallery shows a variety of different sized curb/stand accessories. These accessories are shown only for illustrative purposes, an air handler will have accessories sized specifically for the airflow of the unit.

Roof Curbs & Equipment Stands

Typical Roof Curb for Standard Equipment

Roof Curbs & Equipment Stands

36" Horizontal Unit Stand (HRH TA-115 Unit)