Titan Air LLLP standard product warranty is found below.

Titan Air hereby warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of (24) twenty four months from date of shipment.

Start up checklist is due back within (30) thirty days of start-up or 120 days from date of delivery for 24 month warranty to be effective. After (30) thirty days, and up until (60) sixty days, a (13) thirteenth month warranty will be observed. All warranties are null and void if start up checklist is not received within (60) sixty days from start-up or 120 days from date of delivery.

Titan Air reserves the right at Titan Air’s option, to replace or repair free of charge, any part proven by Titan Air to be defective. Prompt notification of defective part must be given to Titan Air and defective part must be returned freight prepaid within (30) thirty days of notification.

WARRANTY INCLUDES ONLY PARTS SUPPLIED BY TITAN AIR. INCIDENTAL COSTS AND LABOR CHARGES SHALL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF OTHERS. This warranty does not cover refrigerant or consumables such as fuses, belts or filters, nor does it cover water damaged parts which are the result of improper storage or installation.

Components outsourced by Titan Air, such as condensing units, chillers, steam generators, steam dispersion devices, electric coils, energy recovery wheels, hydronic coils, DX coils, indirect fired burners, desiccant wheels and water valves will carry a maximum warranty period of 13 months from the ship date of the air handler.

The heat exchanger on indirect fired equipment has a separate prorated warranty, ten (10) years for 304 SS and five (5) years for 409 SS. Failure to return the start up form will void any warranty on the heat exchanger. The burner and heat exchanger is factory set at safe operating conditions. Attempting to over fire the burner can cause damage to the exchanger, reduce its operating life, and void the warranty. Start up of units with power burners are to be done by burner manufacturer trained service technicians only for heat exchanger warranty.

This warranty is void in event the product is improperly installed and/or operated under conditions other than normal published ratings, improperly maintained, misused or not in compliance with applicable codes or not in accordance with Titan Air’s operating instructions.

This warranty is void if attempts to correct or repair any alleged defective part or parts are made by unauthorized personnel without Titan Air’s written approval.

In no event shall Titan Air be held liable to nor required to indemnify Buyer or any third parties for any claims, losses, labor, expenses or damages (including special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages) of any kind, resulting from the use of, or inability to use the goods sold hereunder, including, but not limited to, damages for delay, temporary heating/cooling costs, loss of goodwill, loss of profits or loss of use. Under no circumstances shall any claim or award against Titan Air exceed the original price to the Titan Air reseller whether awarded through arbitration, litigation or otherwise.

This warranty supersedes, voids, and/or is in lieu of any other verbal or written understanding which may not be in total accordance with this expressed warranty.

Warranty Cards / Start-up Checklists

The warranty start-up checklists available via our website are general in nature. Every attempt should be made to use the warranty sheet that ships with the equipment to ensure that the correct document is selected. Highly custom equipment will have a custom warranty start-up sheet. Warranty start-up sheets shipped with the equipment are printed on yellow cardstock. Contact sales@titan-air.com for more information.