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Industrial Heating (Recirculation) – Indirect Fired Vertical Config. – 20,000 CFM


  • Industrial
    Makeup Air


  • Direct Fired

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Model #:

  • TA-120 NG VRDV 2 SPD


  • Supply CFM: 14,000 CFM
  • 100° F Temp. Rise

 Unique Features:

  • Vertical Configuration featuring TOP INTAKE with BOTTOM DISCHARGE
  • Two Speed Operation By High/Low Control Switch

Application / Equipment Overview:

A large majority of mainline HVAC manufacturers only offer their VERTICALLY oriented makeup air units with an upward facing discharge, and intake air taken in from the bottom of the unit.
This VRDV unit features an upward facing intake (this unit specified with mushroom hood), and a downward facing discharge.
As Titan specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind HVAC units, the orientation requirements of this jobsite condition
were easily met by Titan with this VRDV configuration. An 18” tall equipment stand and intake mushroom hood were also provided by Titan, providing a turn-key solution for the project’s HVAC general contractor/installer.
A VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) allowed two-speed operation (14,000 & 7,000 CFM) via a High/Low speed switch. Control relays were utilized to control on-site exhaust fans by energizing once airflow is proven.
The discharge heating controls also featured many options commonly employed in Titan Air HVAC units including operating lights and a low temperature safety control. Extended grease lines were installed to aid in the periodic maintenance procedure.

Technical Specifications:

  • GFI Outlet: External Unit Mounted
  • Extended Grease Lines
  • G-90 Mushroom Hood
  • 18" Stand, Exterior Mounted Unit
  • Discharge Control Seen Below (RTC DFC)

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