indirect fired heater image
Industrial Heating (Recirculation) – Indirect Fired Vertical Config. – 20,000 CFM
Food Processing – Vertical Chilled Water Cooling Air Recirculation – 8,130 CFM


  • Space Heating - Industrial
    Air Recirculation


  • Air Turnover -
    Indirect Fired

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Model #:

  • TAH-130 PR AT0400 VRV


  • Supply CFM: 6,000 CFM
  • 48° F Temp. Rise


 Unique Features:

  • 100% Air Recirculation (No Outside Air)
  • 409 Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • 30" SBE-3H30 Prop Fan
  • Operating Lights
  • 2 Stage Room Control
  • 4-Way Discharge Diffuser

Application / Equipment Overview:

Titan’s indirect fired air turnover systems have been designed to heat large open areas for both commercial and industrial applications. These units do not require outside air, so no intake duct work is required, allowing for location flexibility and ease of installation.

Titan’s line of air turnover equipment is designed with custom designs, options, and controls available to meet your requirements. Titan air turnover units feature either an in-shot or drum and tube type heat exchanger. The in-shot heat exchanger has formed dimples that control expansion and reduce noise.

Standard heat exchangers are available in either 304 or 409 stainless steel. Special belt driven propeller fans are designed to handle high volumes of air at low static pressures.

Blade design makes for a quieter and more efficient fan operation. Centrifugal fans are used in higher static pressure applications. Lastly, Titan's air turnover units feature a discharge plenum extension, allowing for an easy accommodation to virtually any building height.

Air Turnover units also have the following advantages:

  • No additional rooftop support required
  • Rooftop penetrations can be avoided, lowering the chance of leaks
  • Ductwork is not required, lowering overall costs and installation time
  • Indoor or outdoor installation is available
  • Cooling options are available