Food Processing – Vertical Chilled Water Cooling Air Recirculation – 8,130 CFM
Food Production – Finned Tubular Electric Coil – 1,400 CFM


  • Paintbooth /
    Makeup Air


  • Direct Fired with Packaged DX Cooling

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Model #:

  • TA-112 NG HRV w/DX


  • CFM: Supply 4,200
  • 85° F Temp. Rise
  • 16 Tons of Cooling, 45° F Suction Temp.

Unique Features:

  • Piped & Wired by Titan Factory
  • Initial Charging of System by Titan
  • Lined and Insulated Unit


  • Custom-Selected Cooling Coil Size and Optimized Equipment Footprint

Application / Equipment Overview:

A packaged system of direct fired heat with DX cooling system from Titan can be an optimal “turnkey” solution for a variety of applications. Available with heating/cooling controls by Titan, or for control “by others,” all packaged equipment is specifically engineered for your individual application and heating/cooling demands. Compared to standard, mass-assembled packaged systems available in the market, Titan Air packaged system have many advantages as seen below:

  • Heating & cooling components are selected for your specific application. Don’t pay for oversized equipment that will cycle on/off repeatedly, or smaller equipment that may not adequately meet peak demands.
  • Equipment can be sized to a required footprint size, and virtually any intake/discharge equipment configuration can be accommodated, along with any required built-in accessories.
  • A quicker jobsite installation and setup is possible with initial charging and testing of the system by the Titan factory, as well as equipment piping/wiring.
  • Technical Specifications:

    • Compressor R410A Charge: 25.7 Lbs (included for 10 ft of piping)
    • Pleated MERV 8 Filtration
    • Lined and Insulated Construction - Outdoor Mounted Unit
    • Supply Fan VFD, 460 V 5 HP Motor - 6.7 Unit FLA
    • Carel DDC Cooling Controls