Industrial Heating (Pump Station) – Electric (Open) Coil – 3,400 CFM
Industrial Cooling – Direct Evaporative Coolers – 40,000 CFM


  • Energy Recovery


  • Rotary Enthalpy Wheel
    With Hot Water and Chilled Water Coils

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Model #:

  • TAH-54.0-227 BA CW HW RR OA HRD


  • CFM: 24,000
  • 86° F Temp. Rise


Unique Features:

  • Energy Recovery - Up to 70% Efficiency
  • Sensible and Latent Recovery


  • Hot Water & Chilled Water Coils in System
  • Provision for Future Coils is Provided in Equipment Design

Application / Equipment Overview:

This large, custom HVAC system features energy recovery though a rotary enthalpy wheel, in combination with hot and chilled water for precise and efficient climate control.

As seen in the equipment diagram (below), this unit also features multiple levels of filtration and is coupled with optimal fan/blower selections to ensure consistent performance regardless of static pressure changes due to filter loading.

With up to 70% efficiency, this unit provides the lowest operational cost compared to other typical HVAC equipment in this application with high system utilization and required precise temperature and humidity control.

Technical Specifications:

  • Chilled Water Capacity: 186 Tons
  • Hot Water Capacity: 224,000 BTU
  • Fully Insulated, 2” Wall Construction
  • Manifolds and Controls for HW & CW Coils
  • Equipment Controls by Titan Air
  • Twin 27” DWDI Class II BAF Supply Fans
  • Twin 27” PLG Class II AMCA B Exhaust Fan
  • Integrated Damper/Actuator
  • Equipment Split into (5) Sections for Transporting