Energy Recovery – Enthalpy Wheel – 24,000 CFM
Cooling – Coil Housing: Chilled Water Coil – 40,000 CFM


  • Industrial Cooling


  • Direct Evaporative Cooler

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Model #:

  • TAH-227 FC EV OA HRD


  • CFM: 40,000

Unique Features:

  • Extended Grease Lines
  • Room Stat to Enable Cooling
  • Auto Fill / Auto Drain Valves


  • Algae Resistant Media
  • Custom Color Epoxy Paint Exterior
  • Unit “Split” to Ease Transportation

Application / Equipment Overview:

Evaporative cooling is the most economical and simple way of adding cooling and humidity to an environment. This makes it especially valuable in drier, arid environments that may not have easy access to chilled water, as well as in a variety of specialized industrial applications.

Titan’s evaporative coolers feature algae resistant cooler media, making them an ideal choice. Also, upon power loss the fill drain closes and the sump pump is drained, reducing the chance of water damage occurring.

Technical Specifications:

  • Forward Curve Fans
  • Casing & Accessories Painted White
  • Fill and Drain Kit for Evaporative Cooler
  • ODP Premium Efficiency Supply Fan Motor
  • Extended Grease Lines for Simple Blower Bearing Maintenance

Controls Specifications:

  • Remote Panel Controls: ON/OFF Switch to Enable Fan
  • Cooling Enable Stat Enables Evap. Pumps
  • Fill and Drain Switch to Either Keep the Sump Full When Fan is Running or to Keep it Empty