Food Production – Finned Tubular Electric Coil – 1,400 CFM
Energy Recovery – Enthalpy Wheel – 24,000 CFM


  • Industrial Heating:
    Pump Station


  • Electric Coil Makeup Air

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Model #:



  • CFM: Supply 3,400 (High Speed Mode)
  • 83° F Temp. Rise

Unique Features:

  • High and Low Speed Modes
  • 2” Construction with Lined Interior
  • Single Point Power Connection


  • Supply Fan VFD
  • Room Control
  • Vibration Isolation

Application / Equipment Overview:

Electric coil HVAC equipment is an optimal solution in locations where utilities such as natural gas are unavailable, and/or a “clean” heating source is required that would not result in “byproducts of combustion” entering the space being heated.

This air make-up unit features a supply VFD allowing for two speed operation. The low speed mode was set for 85% of maximum airflow. Neoprene blower/motor isolation was utilized to reduce noise while in operation. Extended grease lines aid in easy maintenance.

This unit was equipped with room control via the Carel DDC and Vernier SCR controls, with the high speed mode programmed to become active when the space reached 80°.

Other unique equipment features include an exhaust fan interlock contact and L50 200,000 hour pillow block bearings, and an inlet ductstat which turns of the heating if warm outside air is detected. A low temperature safety function will shut off the unit if the electric coil fails to operate and would result in cold air entering the space.

Controls Specifications:

  • Control via Carel DDC Remote Panel